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What is Yogaia
What is Yogaia

What is Yogaia

Una tierra que te invita a la pausa. Un espacio para el encuentro sereno y compartido Un lugar donde hacer crecer la semilla milenaria del yoga Te invitamos a venir, compartir, respirar, aprender, sentir, crecer, practicar intensamente,   disfrutar, recogerte en el silencio de la meditación y ser feliz. Haz de esta tierra del yoga tu propia casa.
Om Namah Shivaya

Yogaia springs from our friendship and willingness to live our life in yoga. Its name is composed from the word Yoga, the ancient science that makes possible the experience of harmony with oneself, with others and with the world, coupled with the word Gaia that honouring the Greek goddess of Earth, names a vision of the biosphere where all living creatures and their surrounding physical system (such as life, geological and climatic factors) form an integrated system that tends towards balance.

Coming from diverse professional fields and after years of constant practice, all the members of Yogaia have found in the science of Yoga a way of acting, feeling, living, loving and growing together. Yogaia is a space for everyone: a simple, austere and welcoming space that brings together all aspects of life in yoga: a place for holistic wellness and integral balance; a place for personal growth, open to all.

Primarily, Yogaia comes from the teachings of our Master Andrei Ram Om, who brought us his master\'92s Sri Dharma Mittra's teachings. Andrei is, for us, an example of life in yoga, a guide, a brother and a friend who has taken us closer to the essence of tradition with wisdom and great simplicity; living in the 'here and now'.

Yogaia aims to be a place to share yoga: the physical practice of asanas, its knowledge and the way of life yoga underpins. Moreover, Yogaia wants to be a space to meet people, to share a concert, a book or a conference; a space where to develop links and synergies with fellow teachers and practitioners, as well as with the world of culture, but also a space for meditation and silence.

In addition, we will make available to all practitioners a shop equipped with items that meet all quality standards, are environmentally friendly and socially responsible and - where possible - made by local craftsmen.

At Yogaia you will also find therapists offering a wide range of massages as well as other holistic therapies to improve your health and complement the benefits of your practice. You will also find a social space to meet up with friends and grab a bite.

Like an asana, a yoga posture, Yogaia invites you to feel that your body is calming down, entering a dimension of harmony; it invites you to feel that your mind assuages, integrating with this new vibration, cheering you up, giving you a feeling of happiness. Yoga is a constant invitation to find the thread of your own intuition, to raise your awareness and be happy.