Room rental

Yogaia has a great diaphanous space of 150m2in the shape of an L sourrunding an interior court that gives a flood of natural light. It is equipped with music device, mats, zafus, strech aids and blankets.

Prices of rent:

  • 50€ per hour from Monday til Friday
  • 250€ one morning or evening in the weekend
  • 350€ entire day
    * Consult prices for other possibilities.

The room can be divided with a mobile panel that separates two spaces, one Of 50m2(rented by 30 € hour) and one of 100m2(rented by 40 € hour).

We also have another room of 24m2 hat is also possible to divide In two spaces for therapies, equipped with hydraulic stretcher for Massages and folding stretcher of foxed height. You should consult prices, depending on the activity.

For any consultation relative to the rent of rooms, contact us by e-mail: yogaia@yogaiabcn.org

The prices do not include VAT.