About us

We are friends and yoga teachers. We have founded a cooperative in order to bring together our experiences and knowledge and to engage into a common project.

We are both partners and workers at Yogaia. Victor, Alvise and Mariona, we are the partners that work at Yogaia. This project would not have been possible without the help of a group of contributing partners and we are extremely grateful to them for their help and energy.

Fatima LongoFatima Longo 

Licenciada en Medicina y Cirugía, especialista en Pediatría, tras varios años de ejercicio profesional dio un giro a su vida licenciándose en Derecho y pasando a ejercer como abogado mercantilista. Pero ni el conocimiento de la persona como ente físico e individual, ni el de la misma como ente social (y las reglas que la rigen), ni mucho menos el de las entidades “personas jurídicas”, podía dar respuesta a su ansia de alcanzar verdadero conocimiento.

Llega al yoga “por casualidad”, al abrirse un estudio de yoga cerca del trabajo cuando estaba buscando un ejercicio suave tras un episodio de 5 años catalogado como “fatiga crónica”. Allí conoce a Alvise Vianello, a quien desde el primer momento le ha unido una fantástica sintonía y junto a quien ha ido descubriendo la gran ciencia del yoga y la hermosura de su práctica. Colaboradora entusiasta del proyecto Yogaia en todos sus aspectos y desde el primer momento, considera este espacio de yoga como su verdadera casa.

Practica en el linaje de Andrei Ram Om siguiendo las enseñanzas de su discípulo Alvise Vianello, Yogui Jñana Om. Ha realizado tres Inmersiones Intensivas (2014, 2015 y 2016 -100, 100 y 70 horas-) con Andrei Ram Om. Tiene el título de Instructor de Yoga después de tres años de formación en la Escuela Yoga Síntesis, dirigida por Julián Peragón “Arjuna”. Preocupada por poder acercar el Yoga a todo tipo de practicantes, ha realizado diversas formaciones en Gentle Yoga –Yoga Suave-, Accessible Yoga –Yoga para alumnos de cualquier habilidad- y Restorative Yoga –Yoga Restaurativo/Reconstituyente-. Está certificada como profesora de Yoga Terapéutico por la Yoga Terapéutico Academy, escuela avalada por la Asociación Española de Yoga Terapéutico, y actualmente continúa realizando cursos de profundización en esta disciplina.

“Co-fundadora” de las clases de estudio de los Yoga Sutras de Patanjali, está entusiasmada por poder compartir y tratar de transmitir, también a través de las clases de asana, todo lo que el yoga ha aportado a su vida.

Mariona Costa (Daya Ma Om)Mariona Costa (Daya Ma Om) 

An editor by profession, Mariona once discovered that the word ‘yoga’ summarized a way of life that she loved and was already quite familiar with. She practices and teaches with gratitude for her parents, siblings, teachers and students. She has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona and has worked as an editor for over fifteen years. She has been teaching since 2005. She has taught in yoga centres like Yoga One studio and Body Center for Integral Health in Barcelona. Together with Victor and Joan, she created the website Yogasfera (www.yogasfera.com).

During years she has been practicing with renewed teachers from the USA, Canada, Finland and other places in the world. Twee Merrigan, Simon Park and his teacher Shiva Rea were able to transmit to her the beauty and smoothness of their fluid practice. Petri Räisänen, taught her the strength of the Ashtanga Vinyas Yoga. Yiannis Andritsos, Sylvie Trembley and Amitai Cohen pointed out the importance to keep the practices rooted in the tradition and in the framework of the lineage. In 2006 she was blessed with the opportunity to meet Sri Dharma Mittra and his disciple Andrei Ram Om, who she reconised as her Master, realising that will stay at his side and keep practicing his teachings. In 2010 she graduated in the Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi Teacher Training (200h) with Sri Dharma Mittra, Andrei Ram Om and Amitai Cohen, starting her path of practice and teaching rooted in the tradition of Hatha Raja Yoga (Dharma Yoga). She also attended the 200 hours Teacher Training in the Barcelona Studio Yoga one, where she also participated in the teaching team. She is founding member of of Yogaia that was born as a space dedicated to the life in yoga in May 2013. During summer 2014, Sri Andrei Ram Om welcomed her in the lineage assigning her the name of Daya Ma OM. Registered Independent Yoga Network (500h)

During her intense and integrative yoga sessions, Mariona will invite you to flow through different postures that are linked to a rhythm of conscious breathing and will help you find this same rhythm within stillness. Her classes are a constant search for balance and harmony to make yoga a path of awareness and union with the whole. She enjoys sharing the inner happiness that yoga provides for every person to experience.

Víctor DomènechVíctor Domènech 

He studied biology at the University of Barcelona but his adventurous spirit moved him away from college. For many years he travelled the world as a climber and photojournalist working in more than 40 countries. Later, he specialized in computer programming and became a passionate yoga practitioner. He certified as a yoga teacher with Sri Dharma Mittra, Andrei Ram Om and Amitai Cohen in the Dharma Yoga Life Of A Yogi Teacher Training (200h). His job as a programmer along with his passion for yoga led him to realize that there was a need for a space where everyone could openly share their yoga-related activities and he created the web www.yogasfera.com in 2010. He is currently responsible for the design, computer management, and corporate identity of Yogaia.