Yogaia is a place for the practice of Hatha Yoga Raja, a traditional method mainly inspired by our teachers Andrei Ram Om and his Master, Sri Dharma Mittra. For this reason it is also named "Dharma Yoga".

Hatha Yoga involves the practice of yoga postures (Asana), breath control and energy (Pranayama) and control of the senses (Pratyahara). Raja yoga improves our ability to maintain concentration (dharana ), representing the first step to meditation (dhyana) and inner peace (shamadhi) in a path towards the union with the Supreme Being.

Yogaia offers an extensive schedule of sessions for yoga practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced; notwithstanding, the practice is always adapted to the need of the individual: all practitioners are welcome to practice in any class they might feel convenient.

Hatha Raja Yoga (Dharma Yoga) 

Dharma Yoga sessions follow the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra and Andrei Ram Om. These classes are rooted in the traditional foundations of yoga and aim to transform the practice into a place for the awakening of conscience. The classes include a complete practice starting with meditation, pranayama and mantra chanting, then they progress to mental and physical development, and finish in the practice of asanas. The latter are structured by vinyasas: very harmonic and transformative sequences that Sri Dharma Mittra called Shiva Namaskara. The practice of asanas will finally lead us towards the practice of the integrator and restorative Yoga Nidra (conscious relaxation).

Genle Yoga, Beginners 

These sessions of gentle and beginners yoga, are adapted to those who suffered an injury, senior practitioners, people with reduced mobility and beginners. In general, these are very good sessions for those who find the other classes too intense.

These classes are suitable as a regular practice, or for specific periods in your life, such as pregnancy, postpartum, periods after a disease, or just to help you to relax after an intense working day.

Bases of Yoga 

Bases of Yoga is a practice dedicated to the essentials. During these sessions we will move towards one of the most profound and enriching concepts of yoga: simplicity. If you are already an experienced practitioner, these sessions will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the roots of yoga. If you are taking your first steps in the practice, these sessions will guide you through the foundations, helping you to build a well rooted and coherently developed practice, so that you will be able to progress in a smooth and healthy way. Very suitable to deepen, improve or begin your yoga practice.


During our meditation sessions, we aim at harmonizing of the different levels of the self (koshas). To do so, we use an array of techniques of purification (kriyas) and control of vital energies (pranayama), as to move towards a space of inner silence. It is a time dedicated to deepening the practice of psychic development according to the teaching of Sri Dharma Mittra and Andrei Ram Om.
Reading the Yoga Sutras and meditation.

Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is a quiet, simple, non-muscular and deep practice. The postures are held for longer times (from three minutes on) to deeply stretch the body, calm the breath and the mind and create a space and a personal time to explore ourselves a little further, improving our ability to live in the present moment.

By stimulating the 'chi' (the energy flow of the body) in the connective tissue, Yin Yoga unlocks any tension at the physical, mental and emotional level. The stillness and silence of the practice creates a soothing and valuable space to balance the active and frenetic pace of modern life. Besides, Yin Yoga sessions are a perfect complement for our other yoga practices and sports!

Private Sessions

Yoga was traditionally transmitted from master to disciple, so it is very useful to receive some individual sessions in which the teacher accompanies the student towards the place he/she needs, deepening his practice and his knowledge of Yoga.

They are also a good alternative to those who cannot attend schedule sessions. You just need to tell us at what time you would like to start the session and, if you already know, with which teacher you would like to study with.