Yin Yoga and the Alchemy of Emotions - With Laura Prieto and Elena Sepúlveda

Saturday 25th May - 10.30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Yin Yoga and the Alchemy of Emotions - With Laura Prieto and Elena Sepúlveda

Presence, listening, understanding and transformation will be our travelling companions in this workshop that has two distinct parts. The session begins with a mainly anatomical approach, to continue addressing the alchemical power of emotions inherent in Yin yoga.

The first part focuses on creating physical openness through a sequence designed to influence the main fascial pathways and joints. Connective tissues can store impressions of past experiences that often manifest as tension, rigidity and even injuries. The sequence will promote the flow of energy in different areas, in addition to hydrating and reducing fixations in joints, facilitating healing and providing a sense of physical well-being. By stretching and nourishing the fascias, we also stimulate the free flow of vital energy through the meridians.

The second part of the practice will focus on exploring two primary emotions: fear and love. Through different asanas we will expand our register of the vital experiences of that polarity in our day to day life. The practice of Yin brings us closer to the shadow. We leave the light to enter into those parts of us that we do not recognize as our own and that we project outwards. With courage, we'll rest in the different experiences and cultivate a compassionate inner look as we hold the poses for some time.
We'll also work with Daoist pranayamas and visualizations, meditations on the emotions of fear and love, plus the practice of Tonglen -a Buddhist technique that uses the breath to awaken equanimity in the face of our own suffering and to connect with the world.

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25 - 05 - 2019
Yin Yoga and the Alchemy of Emotions